Let us help you.

Whatever you need.

Our company offers a la carte-style services to get done whatever your and your family need.

Whether you are downsizing, divorcing, or need a complete estate sale, we can handle it. As a company, we average 120 sales per year and are thought of highly in our industry.

The in-home sale is the most common and there are a few simple steps to make that happen. Typically, once the contract is signed, we send a photographer out to take a few photos to start "teasing" your sale. That process serves 2 functions. To show that there is a sale in your area in the near future, and to show what will be in the sale. Once there is complete access to the home we come in and set the home up like a store. Christmas goes with Christmas, kitchen items in the kitchen, etc. We then staff the sale and run it a few days in a row. Then, after the sale, we offer a clean-out service. Not all families need that so it will be something for you to consider.

Everyone knows that some HOA's or apartment complexes will not allow an in-home sale. Occasionally, the family doesn't want a large amount of people coming into their home. That's where an online auction comes into play. The main benefit is that it opens your sale to a worldwide audience. It will take a little longer to complete, and is not conducive to shorter deadlines. However, it typically clears out the whole home. Another benefit is that clean-up is minimal.

What is our commission? The standard commission for any sale is 40%. That covers generic household items. The commission on vehicles, firearms, and gold and silver is lower. As always, feel free to call us a discuss your project.

A new service that we are providing is to sell property. A full photo, video, and drone shoot is done. We then list the item online and market the property to all interested parties. The listing is cross posted using the MLS system via a local broker. Under normal real estate listings, the property will sell whenever it sells. However, at auction, we set the date that the listing will close. That gives most families a little peace of mind knowing when the property will sell.

Are there any other ways we can help? The easy answer is yes. We also have a warehouse where a limited number of items could be taken and placed for sale. Or, there is Gallery 46. We take better consignments there. We have a jewelry department that is unrivaled in our business.

This is just a sampling of options. If you have ANY questions regarding what we can do for you, give us a call at 830-358-7225. We would love to work for you!